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From concept idea to launch. From launch to accelerated growth.

Each stage in your business development needs different action. You need to keep your helicopter view  and address issues that make a difference. Do not loose time over non sales generating actions. Here are some activities that need to be done.

8 core activities

These are 8 core activities that we can help you to fulfill.

From concept development, branding and selling to paying taxes and generating profit. Create your own business by using these modules.

Concept Research

Getting your ideas, on paper, in front of potential buyers.


How to write a briefing and assess the creative work.


How to create distribution? B2B and B2C. Which Logistics?

Website Integration

Landing pages, shop and integration with platforms.

Product development

Follow this process from idea to production. Buying or making?

Branding Pyramid

How to build the Branding Pyramid? Ask these questions.

Database management

How to build a database? Prospects and Customers.


Costprice calculation and invoicing. Taxes.

Easy As 1…2…3…

The journey to high sales starts with customer insights. How well do you know your prospective customers? Ask the right questions such as Who, What, How, When etc…..

Our research methods provide answers quickly and cost effective.

You start selling soon.

Free Course

A lean Questions & Answers Game that helps you to understand where you are and what your next steps should be……….

Premium Courses

Each step in your business development comes with a thorough explanation and a personal instruction for your situation.

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