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This is us at the Horecava 2020. Alex (left) is your sparring partner in Marketing & Sales. More support in selling you will find with Catherine and Janneke, whereas Erik will test your product in his Horeca operation.

01. Strategic

Ask yourself the right questions about target group, positioning and promise. Tell a story that will excite your customers. We help you build that story and get it in front of prospects.

02. hands on

Testing and prospecting is what we do in an early stage. Feedback from professionals and/or consumers is crucial in getting the selling story right. Challenge us!

03. action driven

Do not waste time over theory and non sales driven activities. Let’s go for the low hanging fruit and get on the learning curve as soon as possible.


A Team Of Professionals

Alex de leeuw

sparring partner - strategy

As former marketing director at Knorr (Unilever), McCain French Fries and Chinet (van Leer) Alex has in depth marketing and sales experience available for you.

Janneke Donders

sales support - project management

Janneke is great with prospects and customers. Independent self driven she gets a foot in the door. Launching a product needs the touch of a woman (50% of world population and important.


What We Do Best

concept development

What is the basis promise for your customers?

access to potential buyers

Who is your customer avatar and how to reach them?


What are the interests of your target audience and where do you fit in?


E-mail marketing, website content, advertising. Do you speak the language of the customer?

database marketing

With our database segment addresses you hit the ground running. Who will buy your product?

online advertising

Google adwords and facebook marketing. Where is the low hanging fruit?

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